Ariterm is specializing on recycled wood combustion systems, and technology is feasible to combust recycled wood with metallic impurities and biofuels with low ash melting temperature with Multijet – combustion technology.

How the system works

1. FUEL FEED AUGER: Delivers wood fuel to the burner.

2. SELF POWERED AVTA VALVE: Controlled water-extinguishing system that
starts automatically if heat is detected in the fuel feed auger. This eliminates
the risk of flames reaching the chip store.

3. BURNER: Combusts the wood fuel, transfers the heat to the boiler’s heat
exchangers and heats up the water ready for system use.

4. FLOW AND RETURN WATER CONNECTION: Heated water is used in the
system and returns cool water to the boiler ready to be heated again.

5. FLUE GAS CLEANER: Burning of wood fuel produces smoke emissions.
The cleaner uses a cyclone to remove particulate matter.

6. FLUE GAS FAN: Removes the products of combustion from the boiler to the flue.

7. ASH AUGER: Burning wood fuel will leave a residue or ash. This needs to be
removed from the boiler to ensure efficient combustion.

8. VERTICAL HEAT EXCHANGER: The vertical design of the heat exchangers
ensure the best possible heat transfer and efficiency.

The boiler control panel can send text
messages and/or emails about boiler
faults to a designated phone.

Designed with safety in mind

The Arimatic 1002 Control Centre is paramount to the safety of the boiler and the people around it. The control centre is manufactured specifically for each project. Ariterm’s Bio-Burner and fuel feed system are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of burn back.

• SELF-POWERED AVTA VALVE: When the temperature settings have been
exceeded, water is released from a pulse controlled extinguishing system
into the burning screw.
A free-fall funnel between the two screws forms a flame-retarding
fuel-free space between the fuel store and the burner.
• SEAL MECHANISM: Ensures the pipe is always full limiting oxygen in the
feed system.

The Ariterm bioenergy boiler is capable of running up to 7000 hours, much higher than many biomass boiler systems

Customizable Controls

The versatile Arimatic Control Automation Centre controls all key components of the boiler system, including the boiler, burner, moving floor and drying unit. The system is controlled with programmable logic
(Siemens S) and a Pilz programmable safety relay and can be adapted to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

• Complete remote access.
• 12-inch graphic touch screen.
• Text message or email updates for
fault detection.
• Memory of historic faults.

MultiJet Bio Burner

The burner and boiler components are separate for much easier, safer cleaning and maintenance. The MultiJet Bio Burner has been engineered with the very latest hydraulic technology for managing varying quality fuels, ensuring an even mix throughout the burn
process and effective ash transfer.

• Five separate combustion air fans for controlling air levels at the
front and back of the grate. Air is then vented through multiple
vents located on each step.
• The moving floor speed and combustion air fan settings are fully
adjustable ensuring an efficient, clean burn.
• High efficiency burning producing typical water temperatures of
110 degrees.
• Large ash box minimises ash build up.
• A removable grate enables fast, easy periodic maintenance
without the need for a confined space permit.
• Defra approved for use in smoke control areas.

T6 Modular Moving Floor

This innovative moving floor technology has been designed specifically for processing waste wood shredded material.

• Modular structure – customised according
to space availability and the refuelling
period required.
• Minimal civils work required as all that is
required is a suitable flat base.
• Robustly pre-fabricated for simple and
quick installation.
• Easier and less labour intensive to maintain
as all components are easily accessible.
• Versatile for many fuel types – large
diameter auger ensures continuous