District heating

We are specialized especially to the delivery of pellet heating systems. Our combustion technology is a result of long development process. It produces heat cleanly and efficiently.

We project heating centers within power ranges of 500 kW – 10 MW. We offer “turnkey” assembly thermal stations or assembly of equipment.

We, ourselves, mainly design and manufacture the components included in the shipment. This enables fast production schedules as well as a high-quality, highly efficient end result that meets the customer’s needs. We work in tight co-operation with our associates, to whom customer satisfaction is as important as to us.

Heating plants of over 3 MW are implemented using two or three boilers, each installed with two burners. Our customers have found this concept to have multiple advantages, which in addition to the cost effective fuel, shorten the payback of the investment.

  • The plant can be operated with partial capacity while still achieving good performance
  • Our combustion technology reacts quickly to load fluctuations of the network on a wide power range
  • During scheduled maintenance shutdowns the required amount of power can still be produced using biofuel

Contact us and together we’ll create a heating center project that’ll meet all of your needs.

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