Drying systems

Ariterm drying systems are effective and flexible heating systems. The system provides the promised capacity in all operating situations. It can be easily connected to bio dryers and front chambers of other manufacturers and can be used in large number of different operations, such as drying firewood and warm air heating.

Ariterm drying system is built in the following manner:

  • Woodchip storage and transfer storages
    • Moving floor units T1, T2, K2, K4
    • Moving floor discharger TPYM
  • Screws
    • Feeding screws
    • Ash screws
  • Burner
    • MultiJet (max. dryer capacity: 700 hl)
    • HakeJet (max. dryer capacity: 400 hl)
  • Control center
    • Arimatic 550


Ariterm drying systems can be fitted with a normal water boiler for heating household premises.

MultiJet – the king of bio burners

Multi-fuel burner equipped with a moving step grate

  • Completely cleanable step grate is the paragon of easy maintenance
  • Because of the efficiently cleanable grate, waste from pre-cleaned and sorted grains or non-commercial grains can be used as fuel.

Learn more about MultiJet bio-burner

HakeJet – Reliable workhorse

Reliable bio-burner for woodchips.

  • Ceramic combustion zone enables a high burning temperature and efficient combustion.
  • A separate primary and secondary fans controlled by a frequency converter enable precise adjustments.
  • Because of its simple structure, HakeJet is easy to maintain and exceptionally long-lived.

Learn more about HakeJet bio-burner

Arimatic 550 – Extremely precise temperature adjustments with easy usability

Arimatic 550

Drying systems use the Arimatic 550 control center, which works together with all grain drying systems within 200 – 700 hl that use HakeJet and MultiJet burners. Arimatic 550 automatically modulates the burner so that the drying temperature remains stable. Arimatic 550 centers can be fitted with GSM alarm system, remote monitoring system and many more. Learn more about the functionality of the control center and its extension in the bio heating guide p. 21-22 (ARIMATIC CONTROL CENTERS).