Ariterm Bio

Cost efficient and ecological central heating boiler

A burner system with clean and efficient combustion requires a boiler that can transfer the heat provided by the burner’s flue gases to boiler water with maximum efficiency. Ariterm bio-boilers achieve this. Ariterm Bio is a central heating boiler that’s available for several different power ranges.

▌Characteristics of a good boiler, all of which are met by Ariterm bio-boilers:

  • vertical convection structure (extends the period between cleanings)
  • easy to clean
  • low flue gas temperature (150-180°C at rated output)
  • sufficient fire surface (required for efficient transfer of heat to the boiler water)
  • sufficient pressure rating (enables the use of sufficiently high temperatures)
  • weight of the boiler (mark of a strong boiler structure)


Hot domestic water

The need for domestic hot water varies by object of operation. This is why the Ariterm Bio 120-4000 kW boilers can be equipped with a domestic hot water heat exchanger most suitable for the customer’s property.


Power ranges

Ariterm bio-boilers are available with an operating pressure of 4 bar for power ranges within 120 – 4000 kW and 6 or 10 bar operating pressure for power ranges within 500 – 4000 kW.


  • Insulated steel ash chamber
  • Ash screws
  • Automatic convector sweeping (working on compressed air)
  • Vacuum-controlled flue gas fan
  • Flue gas cleaner
  • Oil burner hatch
  • Additional convections for power ranges of 500 kW and above


Draft of boiler cross sections


For models that need to be cleaned from the top, the boiler room height needs to be twice the height of the boiler. The arch is standard only in 200 – 400 kW boilers equipped with an Ariterm burner.

Measurements (120 - 400 kW)

120 150 200 250 300 400
Chimney ø mm 150150175175175200
Height 154017401540159016401840
Length (mm) 169017901990209022702370
Weight (kg) 125014501650180022002700
Width (mm) 98098098013010801180