Bio heating boiler of the new generation

BioComp boiler is a new generation automatic bio heating boiler. The fire box of the BioComp has a new round structure which improves heat recovery. The boiler has an excellent efficiency and its flexible structure enables the use of different burner types. Due to its high equipment level the boiler is suitable for almost all solid biofuels. Automatic cleaning of the convection ensures that the boiler is easy to use.


Requires little maintenance

Automatic cleaning of the convection as well as large hatches for cleaning and maintenance ensure that the boiler is easy to maintain.


Comes with flue gas fan by default (40-150kW)

The flue gas fan stabilizes the pressure inside the fire box and ensures a stable combustion.


Choose the installation side

A burner hatch on both left and right sides allow a flexible installation.


The basic delivery includes

  • Automatic convection cleaning
  • Plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water
  • Flue gas fan (40-150 kW)
  • Ceramic ash compartment


  • Ash screws
  • Electric resistance (max. 2×9 kW, 40-60 kW 1x 9kW)
  • Oil burner kit
  • Burner adapter kit according to chosen burner


More information can be found in the bio heating guide pages 29-30.


BioComp 40 BioComp 60 BioComp 80 BioComp 120 BioComp 150
Chimney ø (mm) 150150150200200
Height (mm) 15201520152017201720
Length (mm) 11001260142015301700
Max. operating pressure (bar) 33333
Max. temperature (°C) 110110110110110
Power (kW) 406080120150
Volume (liter) 175280330448567
Weight (kg) 49564078610351193
Width (mm) 76083097010501150

New power classes 200, 250, 300 kW

BioComp 200 BioComp 250 BioComp 300
Power (kW) 200 250 300
Weight (kg) 1550 1950 2400
Volume (liter) 980 1160 1340
Max. operating pressure (bar) 3 3 3
Max. temperature (°C) 110 110 110
Chimneyø (mm) 250 250 250
Width (mm) 1432 1432 1432
Height (mm) 1866 2108 2354
Length (mm) 1989 1989 1989