BioJet Multi

Best bio-burner attributes

BioJet Multi is a result of long development process, which is based on Ariterm’s long and solid expertise with bio-heating systems. BioJet Multi is designed as a burner of heating systems and it can be used in dual burner options to double or balance the burner capacity, in a similar manner as with the basic BioJet burner.

The best attributes of all bio-burners combined in one burner

BioJet Multi combines the best attributes of all bio-burners: water-cooled structure and a mobile grating system.


Minimal need for cleaning

Compared to burners with a rigid grating, the mobile grating system of BioJet Multi doesn’t need to be cleaned so often.


High efficiency

Optimized burning process with different power ranges and efficient heat recovery system guarantee a high burner efficiency. The burner reached over 95 % combustion efficiency when connected to a 300 kW boiler in a EN303-5 standard testing conducted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

BioJet Multi 1,5 MW bio-burner. Operating video of a burner working on ¼ capacity, using pellets as fuel.




B (mm) C (mm) ø D (mm) E (mm) Weight (kg)
1000 (10 bar) 188215818521931300
1500 (10 bar) 1890165310041851700
1500 (20 bar) 2067162210041881900
200 1151762510190350
300 1308989630190470
400 14981045710191585
500 15031050710425670
700 17061262852194850