A durable and long-lasting bio-burner with a very high operating efficiency

Ariterm has utilized the best available know-how of researchers and operators while developing the BioJet-burner’s burner head. BioJet is mainly designed to be used with wood pellets, but also works with briquettes and woodchips.


Durable and long-lasting

The BioJet’s grate is durable and long-lasting. A water-cooled mantle keeps the temperature constant between operating and rest periods. Ceramic combustion zone raises the burning temperature of the flame up to 1100°C. Segmented grating can handle changes in the operating temperature better than before and increases the service life of the burner/grate.


Very high operating efficiency

The device works well even with a partial load, the available power range is 20 – 100 %. For example, Ariterm BioComp boiler working on its full rated output can achieve a 95,2 % efficiency when using pellets or 94,8 % efficiency when using chips as fuel.


Low emissions

BioJet has been tested by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and operates under the strictest emission limits (EN303-5): combustion efficiency of over 90%, CO 150 mg/Nm3, PM 30 mg/Nm3, OGC (hydrocarbon compounds) 1 mg/Nm3.


Optimal air distribution

Separate fans for primary and secondary air create an optimally accurate air distribution, because of which the air coefficient is low (below 1,4) and all flue gases burn cleanly.

BioJet 700, 1000 and 1500 burners, which are designed to be used with pellets, are fitted with four or five combustion air fans.

Dual burner options

Burner capacity can be doubled by installing 2 burners into the same boiler. As an additional benefit, the burner capacity can be halved, e.g. for summer operation. These options allow pellet heating with BioJet up to 2×1,5 MW.

BioJet bio-burners are compatible with Ariterm bio-boilers. Adapter flanges for rectangular burner hatches can be ordered from the factory.



Burner dimensions (4 bar)

Power kW

measure C (mm) measure E (mm) measure D (mm) weight (kg) ø Fmax (mm) Angle °
60 3301753358415915
80 41017537510615915
120 52019041514315915
150 63019046020115920
200 71019051028015920
250 79019056033015920
300 88519063042015920
400 103519071051919420
500 126519071060519420
700 126518585278019420
1000 1535185852920114 (194)0 (20)
1500 (6 bar) 157018510051400114 (194)0 (20)

Burner dimensions (10/20 bar)

Power kW

measure C (mm) measure E (mm) measure D (mm) weight (kg) ø Fmax (mm) Angle °
1000 (10/20 bar) 1635 185 852 1180/1400 194 20
1500 (10/20 bar) 1670 185 1005 1600/1900 194 20