Designed for burning woodchips, a bio-burner that’s ideal for farms

HakeJet is designed primarily for burning woodchips. It’s ideal for farms and other places with a high availability of chips. The use of chips has a significant effect in supporting forest management and as an energy source woodchips are ecological and renewable. Chips can be acquired either from local chip producers or using one’s own wood resources.

Durable and long-lasting

The arced burner head is constructed from cast iron. Because of this, the grate is durable and long-lasting. Ceramic combustion zone raises the burning temperature to sufficient levels and the combustion process is clean.


Compact bio-burner which can be equipped with an automatic igniter

HakeJet burner can be pushed almost completely to the combustion zone of the boiler, which saves space in the boiler room. This can be essential when upgrading a heating system in a limited space.

The burner can be equipped with an automatic igniter based on a hot air blower.

HakeJet is compatible with Ariterm bio-boilers and feeding systems. Recommended maximum moisture of the woodchip fuel is 40 %

HakeJet burners are compatible with Ariterm bio-boilers. Adapter flanges for rectangular burner hatches can be ordered from the factory.



Power kW

measure C (mm) diameter D (mm) weight (kg) Angle α
40 358220250 - 15
60 515330670 - 15
80 605370880 - 15
120 7054101030 - 15
150 8254501250 - 15
200 9055001690 - 15
250 9805502080 - 15
300 10806002600 - 15
400 12256903000 - 15