Moving floor units

Modular moving floor systems offer a flexible way for storage solutions in various sizes.

Moving floor unit T1/T1A (1.5x3m), T2 (3x3), K2 (2x2m)

The moving floor unit base T2 includes two automatically controlled rakes moving back and forth that transfer the fuel to the storage screw in the center of unit. The rakes are separated from the storage screw, which has its own actuator. The moving floor unit rakes move only if necessary to avoid the fuel from engorging the storage screw. The capacity of the T2 moving floor unit base is approximately 3 m3 and fuel storage of a desired size can be easily built on top of it. The maximum size of the silo is 50 m3 and maximum filling height 5 m.

The moving floor units T1/T1A and K2 are equipped with one rake and base sizes are T1/T1A=1.5×3 m and K2=2×2 m.

Maximum storage size is approximately 20 m3

Contents of delivery:

  • storage screw
  • storage screw motor and transmission
  • moving floor hydraulic unit
  • top part of the free fall funnel
  • AVTA extinguishing valve

Moving floor discharger TPYM

The moving floor discharger is based on the same technology as the moving floor units, but it is delivered in separate parts. The dischargers are assembled partially during the casting. The number and length of the rakes is variable, making the floor discharger ideal for varying storage solutions. The base area of the floor discharger storages can vary between 7.5-40 m². The capacity of the storage can be up to 200 m3.

Contents of delivery:

  • Base bars 2-4 pcs D
  • Side bar (length according to the rakes) C
  • Discharger rake bars, cylinders (2-4 pcs) and guiding tunnels required for their fixation B
  • Partition wall (length according to number of rakes) G
  • Storage screw with gear motor F
  • Hydraulic unit H


  • Opposing rakes (1-3 pcs/bar space)

NOTE! The scope of delivery can vary case by case.







Moving floor unit VK4

Moving floor unit base VK4 has a modular structure. The size of the base module is 2×4 m. It can be extended to the size of 4×4 m or 6×4 m with additional modules, allowing a longer refilling period even in larger bio heating plants. The maximum filling height is determined by the moisture of the fuel: 20 % fuel moisture sets maximum filling height to 6 m and 45 % to 4 m.

The modules are easy to transport in a normal freight transport. The modules are combined and the rakes and storage screw mounted on the spot after delivery.

Contents of delivery:

  • Robust steel hull
  • Hydraulic cylinders for the moving floor unit rakes (3 pcs)
  • Hydraulic unit 1.5 kW
  • Storage screw 195 mm + drive motor 2.2 kW
  • Storage screw tray width 245 mm, moving floor unit rakes according to the amount of chosen modules (3 pcs)
  • Inspection hatch limit switch